Where Do You Fit?

Where do you fit?

At OIT, we have a unique blend of personalities and background.  The population of OIT employees span multiple generations of IT enthusiasts as well as  a diversity of talent.  

Women in Leadership

Based on statistics published by the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT), approximately a quarter of IT professionals nation-wide are women.  As an active participant of NCWIT, OIT pushes the industry norm in promoting equal gender diversity in our workforce and leadership roles.  We are excited to share that 38% of our population are women with women representing 70% of our executive leadership team.  


Studies show that a blend of different perspectives allows a team to solve complex problems and perform at a higher level.  Top IT icons, such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Yahoo, have recently published their demographic statistics on diversity.  Just as these industry leaders continue to pursue talent of all representations, OIT's non-white population of 28% is consistent with the population of Colorado we serve which is predominantly 80% of White/Caucasian background (2010 US Census Bureau).

Military and Veterans

There are no shortages of stories to share in terms of service as you will find a fair niche of military veterans working at OIT with backgrounds from various military branches and veterans of different generations.  Representing 5% of OIT's workforce, OIT has employees who are on Active Reserve or of Veteran status.

Students, Co-ops, & Interns

New to the workforce?  Recently graduated?  Update technical skills?  OIT has plenty of opportunity and exposure we can offer those interested in learning and acquiring new technical skills to your business acumen.  Check out the various programs we offer here.