Key Milestones

September 2004: The Colorado Benefits Management System (CBMS) launches.

October 2009: The first PEAK (Program Eligibility Application Kit) modules are added. 

May 2011: PEAK becomes the online service for Coloradans to screen and apply for medical, food, and cash assistance programs.

June 2012: CBMS submits its first HB12-1339 report to the Joint Budget Committee (JBC). Every quarter, reporting improved as processes were refined and details were captured. The focus was on the 93 priorities identified in the original request.

September 2013: CBMS experiences its most significant build with the introduction of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The Governor's Office of Information Technology (OIT), Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (HCPF), and the Department of Human Services (CDHS), with contractors, implement the ACA and requirements for Connect For Health Colorado, including real-time eligibility technology.

November 2013: Colorado's first open enrollment period commences.

June 2014: All CBMS sub-projects needed to meet the 93 priorities presented to the JBC in 2012 are completed. 

November 2014: CBMS/PEAK institutes a shared eligibility system with Connect for Health Colorado to provide a dynamic application for end users.

December 2014: The PEAKHealth app launches, offering Coloradans a simple and secure way to manage medical assistance benefits.

March 2015: Phase II of the shared eligibility system enhancements is completed. Six additional Race to the Top universal application functions and early childhood-focused programs are added to PEAK.

June 2015: The PEAK website is redesigned as part of Phase III of the shared eligibility system enhancements.

December 2016: A three-year approval is granted for CBMS to connect with the Federal Data Services Hub.

January 2017: Planning begins on CBMS Transformation, a modernization project aimed at improving the state’s ability to efficiently process and deliver benefits to Coloradans.

June 2018: CDHS launches the MyCOBenefits app, offering Coloradans the ability to securely manage food and cash assistance benefits via mobile devices.

September 2018: As part of Transformation, CBMS is the first integrated eligibility and enrollment system in the nation to move from state data centers to Amazon Web Services.

August 2019: The final major phase of the Transformation project is completed when the remaining 470 screens within CBMS are moved onto the Salesforce platform. In addition, a chatbot feature is added to PEAK that helps Coloradans find the answers they need and reduces the workload for CBMS end users.