Executive Governance Committee Calendar

The governance model revolves around the creation of four Executive Governance Committees (EGC) that provide oversight for logically-grouped departments/offices. Each EGC includes members designated by departmental executive directors and is chaired by the Director of IT Governance and Process Excellence. 

List of meetings are:
  • Gate 1 - Compliance 
  • Enterprise - EGC (OIT, SoS, CDA, DPA, GOV projects)
  • Safety, Transportation, Labor & Education - EGC (DOC, CDPS, CDOT, CDE, CDLE projects)
  • Revenue Collection & Regulatory Services - EGC (DOR, DNR, DORA, Treasury, HC, DOLA projects)
  • Health & Veteran Affairs - EGC (CDHS, HCPF, CDPHE,CBMS, DMVA projects)
  • Gate 4 - Compliance 
Please click the meeting events below for detailed information on each event.