EGC Definitions

A Executive Governance Committee (EGC) is a group of people, including executives, that have a stake in project delivery and govern project management best practices.
  • Project Gating: The process that allows us to check due diligence during the project life cycle. This process is part of governance. All EGC projects shall follow the gating process.
  • Project Certification: A series of formal declarations to the State Controller - throughout the Gate process and project life-cycle – indicating that a project has met performance standards aligned with Governance criteria. Official review is done during Gate3. Although Gate4 is mandatory for EGC projects, it is not part of project certification.
    • The completion of all gates is mandatory for all EGC projects.
    • Who does it apply to?
      • Project Certification is not just for Major projects.
      • Any project, independent of size, with high risk implications either for security, architecture or implementation will require Project Certification.
  • IV&V is the independent verification and validation of activities performed during the project life cycle by an independent vendor. The need to have IV&V for a project is prescribed during gate1 meeting. Criteria:
    • Major projects that have high ratings in architecture, security and implementation require IV&V.
    • Major projects that were approved as an 'exception' or which OIT expressed strong concern and rated high on architecture, and security required IV&V.
    • Major projects that have high risk in architecture and security and are interdependent with another project that required IV&V.
  • Gates Criteria: All projects, independent of size, that are high risk on architecture, security or implementation are required to pass all gates.