EGC Oversight

  • The EGC has oversight of all Major IT projects, and any project, independent of size, that represents a high level of risk in security, architecture or implementation.
  • An EGC project is a project that independent of size has rated high risk in Security, or Architecture or Implementation.
  • All Salesforce implementations are considered EGC projects.
  • Every EGC project manager shall create weekly status reports utilizing Clarity and utilize the report to present during EGC meetings. Project Manager shall also create weekly trending report.
  • A Major IT project is a project that scales higher than 80 using the Project Scaling and Risk Assessment form, which accounts for level of risk, business criticality, costs, architectural fit, duration, among other criteria.
  • A high risk in security represents a project that has rated high as a result of the CARE Assessment in any of the following: confidentiality, integrity or availability items.
  • A high risk in Architectural Assessment is a project that rated higher than 30 as a result of the Architectural Components form.
  • A high risk on implementation is a project that rated between 750 and 1250. That rating refer to items such as sponsorship, organizational change, funding, supportability, resources, interdependencies, technical complexity, duration and implementation.