Continual Service Improvement (CSI)

Service improvement must focus on increasing the efficiency, maximizing the effectiveness and optimizing the costs of services and the underlying IT service management processes. The only way to do that is to ensure that improvement opportunities are identified throughout the entire service lifecycle.

Tools for Continual Service Improvement:

  • Deming Cycle: Plan, Do, Check, and Act 
  • Seven Step Improvement Process 
  • Lean

What is a Process?

Process is a structure set of activities designed to accomplish a specific objective. A process takes one or more defined inputs and turns them into defined outputs.

Why Improve a Process?

Process improvement refers to making a process more effective, efficient, and it is relevant to OIT because things naturally change over time. Process improvement help us to proactively solve problems and avoid crises helping us to stay aligned with customers needs and expectations.

Lean Program

The Governor's Office of Information Technology launched its internal Lean Program on January 2013. A team of eight individuals across OIT's functional areas select, shortlist, and prioritize ideas that become OIT's Lean projects for the year. The team provides guidance and assistance to strategically align internal efforts with statewide programs. The overarching goal is to eliminate waste in the following eight (8) areas within the organization:
  • Defects: Any rework, mistakes, and corrections
  • Overproduction: Producing too much or too soon
  • Waiting: Waiting on materials or information
  • Non-utilized Talents: Failure to fully utilize time and talents
  • Transportation: Conveyance of the materials and information
  • Inventory: Any more than the minimum to get the job done
  • Motion: Employee motion that does not add value
  • Excessive Processing: Unnecessary activities, features, or complexity
Recent OIT implementations include hardware provisioning, firewall changes and management, and executive reporting and dashboards. A pilot program is in place to capture all lean projects in CA Clarity.