The Governor's Office of Information Technology annual report provides information about OIT's approach to managing and transforming IT in the State
of Colorado, our key initiatives, and a financial review. 

Past OIT annual reports are also available: 
Citizen Engagement Platform (CEPaaS) - April 2012
This white paper focuses on ways to make government more innovative and elegant for its customers through Citizen Engagement Platform as a Service (CEPaaS). The innovative CEPaaS concept, which can be used across many different areas in government, is a secure solution allowing citizens to engage government services through a common platform, thereby reducing government costs and increasing citizen satisfaction.

Colorado Information Marketplace (CIM) - October 2011
This document describes the architectural framework for information exchanges in Colorado. In addition to reading this document, please visit Colorado Information Marketplace at

Guidelines for Information Sharing - June 2010
Guidelines developed in an effort to standardize the approach for information sharing initiatives and to bring best practices to bear on these efforts.

OIT Cloud Strategy 2011 - October 2011
This document is OIT's roadmap for cloud computing across the enterprise.

OIT FY18 Playbook: Strategic Planning Roadmap - July 2017 
The FY18 Playbook is OIT's strategic roadmap for the fiscal year. It is a dynamic document that defines OIT's priorities and provides a strategic and operational roadmap for today and the future. 

Report Concerning Data Sharing Protocols - March 2010
Report issued by the Government Data Advisory Board (GDAB) to the Colorado General Assembly.

Secure Colorado
Colorado's Strategy for Information Security and Risk Management - Fiscal Years 2020-2022

The Compass: Enterprise Architecture 2011-2014 - October 2011
This OIT Tech Roadmap sets the direction for future technical solutions across the enterprise as well as a path for execution.