Salesforce Lightning


What is Salesforce Lightning?

Salesforce Lightning is the next generation Architecture including a component based framework for developing applications with a modern user interface. Lightning Experience framework brings benefits to developers and platform users with enhanced event-driven architecture, an out-of-the-box set of components, develop-once-deploy-everywhere features and heightened user experience.

What does Salesforce Lightning mean for the state of Colorado?

Salesforce has publicly stated that Lightning will be their go forward, next generation architecture for the future. While Salesforce has not published any immediate plans to halt support on its current user interface (referred to as Classic or Aloha), it has stated that it will no longer invest new research and development for this version.

Effective July 1, 2017, the state of Colorado implemented its "Lightning First" strategy, mandating technical design standards within the Lightning Experience framework. Lightning First applies to all new Salesforce applications implemented on or after Aug. 10, 2017, and in accordance with OIT's Salesforce Lightning First Design Framework technical standard. When the Lightning Experience design framework cannot be used to implement a new project, please submit an exception form.

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