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How to do Business with OIT

OIT uses an electronic bidding system called VSS (Vendor Self Service) or CORE/VSS. Please register on this bidding site to ensure receipt of bidding opportunities from OIT. Use this link to register. The ColoradoVSS Help Desk is available Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. MST and can be reached by calling 303.866.6464 or emailing

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Bidding Opportunities

Invoices & Payments

To expedite payments, here are a few tips for vendors: 
  • Ensure that your invoice includes the correct purchase order or contract number, name of the project and project lead (as applicable) 
  • Send your invoice electronically to:
    This is a new email as of May 17, 2016, your purchase order or contract dated prior to this lists a different email address.
  • Sign up for EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) for direct deposit of state payments into your financial institution. This means no more waiting for a paper check to be processed and sent. Click here to download and fill out the form; then return it to Jennifer Hughes at

OIT Enterprise Agreements

The Governor’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) has statutory authority (C.R.S. 24-37.5-105(3)(i)) to establish enterprise agreements for IT products and services. Pursuant to this statute, OIT is the primary state party to these enterprise agreements on behalf of state agencies. OIT solicits these OIT enterprise agreements for IT products and services with the intention that they are cooperative purchasing agreements under Article 110, Intergovernmental Relations, of Colorado Revised Statutes (C.R.S. 24-110-101, et seq.) making all branches of state government, institutions of higher education and local public procurement units eligible to participate in the resulting awards. It is up to these entities to determine if they are authorized (under each entities procurement rules or policies) to use these OIT solicitations and resulting enterprise agreements to procure IT products and services. Click here for a list of OIT's enterprise agreements.

Updated Colorado Information Security Policies

Effective Feb. 1, 2017, OIT’s 17 statewide Colorado Information Security Policies (CISPs) have been reviewed and updated by our Office of Information Security (OIS). These policies were updated to ensure alignment with current National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards and to make the language more user friendly in response to feedback from agencies and others. Each policy now also has a link to supplemental guidance for those needing more information. In accordance with C.R.S. 24-37.5-401 et seq., all state agencies in the executive and judicial branches of state government as well as vendors are required to follow and comply with the CISPs to help protect state resources and assets. You can view those policies on our website at If you have any questions about the CISPs, please email

Government Procurement Month

What comes to mind when you think of March? Mardi Gras, March Madness, Irish-American heritage... youth art, Women's History Month...How about government procurement? That's right, each March is proclaimed Government Procurement Month by Governor John Hickenlooper! What is the reason for such a proclamation? Government is one of the most influential and powerful of all entities when it comes to purchasing goods and services. Even in times of down economics when companies are struggling, the government continues to function. It still maintains the services required of its customers -- our taxpayers. Government procurement professionals are committed to honor and integrity, equal opportunity for competition among vendors, efficiency of processes and fairness of price. When you get a chance to meet or talk to one of these unique individuals -- the government procurement officer -- thank them for being here and doing their job.

A Vendors Guide to Doing Business with Government

At the 2016 Colorado Public Sector IT Conference, hosted by CIMA (Colorado Information Managers Association) and CGAIT (Colorado Government Association of Information Technology), OIT Procurement and Vendor Services presented Doing Business with Government - A Vendors Guide.

Procurement Ethics & Vendor Relations Training

At the Colorado Procurement Advisory Council (PAC) meeting held on Nov. 16, 2016, Department of Military and Veterans Affairs Procurement Director Janet Jones, M.Ed.Colorado Department of Labor and Employment Procurement Director Lisa Eze, and Governor’s Office of Information Technology Director of Procurement & Vendor Services Thirza Kennedy conducted a Procurement Ethics & Vendor Relations training. The notes and references used for this training are available here.

Colorado Procurement Modernization Initiative

The Department of Personnel & Administration (DPA) has completed a review of the state’s procurement statutes, rules, and processes. They have produced a white paper to serve as a framework for discussion with the Colorado General Assembly and the vendor community; this is available online at: Colorado Procurement Modernization Initiative.

House Bill 16-1451 requires that DPA create a procurement code working group to study ways to improve the state’s “Procurement Code.” More information on this may be found at the above link.

Consolidation Is Not Just For IT Systems

In the OIT Chief Financial Office, we are constantly striving for and identifying ways to provide cohesive, efficient and thorough customer service. In June 2015, we reorganized and consolidated the OIT Purchasing, Contracts and Vendor Management Offices into a single group aptly named, "OIT Procurement and Vendor Services." 

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