A Note from Colorado’s Secretary of Technology & CIO

Dear Customer,

I am thrilled to bring you our quarterly OIT customer newsletter with the most critical information about your state IT services. For the last several months, our teams at OIT have been working closely with your agency leadership to create long-term, five-year IT roadmaps. This will enable OIT to better meet your agency’s IT needs and, ultimately, make your work environment more effective, efficient and elegant so you can best serve the residents of Colorado.

If you are interested in learning more about our team and what we are working on, please visit our website or Facebook page.

Best Regards,

Suma Nallapati
Secretary of Technology & CIO

Your New OIT Service Desk Phone Number!
All Customers May Now Call 303.239.HELP (4357)

All OIT customers are now able to contact the OIT Service Desk using one standard phone number, regardless of their agency or location. The new number is 303.239.HELP (4357). To make this transition as seamless as possible for our customers, the old phone numbers will remain active for several weeks in case you forget to make the switch. Our experienced Service Desk Analysts who serve you today are still the same folks you will reach at this new number. To help you reach the appropriate Service Desk Analyst quicker, please check out our Quick Reference Sheet. If you prefer a different method to contact the Service Desk, you can still reach us via email or through the Customer Service Portal.

Google Tips & Tricks
Google Calendar: An Easier Way to Schedule

When you are scheduling time for you and your colleagues to meet you need it to be fast and simple. Learn an easy way to improve scheduling meetings in Google Calendar by watching this 30 second video on OIT’s YouTube page. 

For more Google tips and tricks, visit the State of Colorado's TechU site.

IT Security Bulletin
Remember to Complete Your Quarterly Security Training

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, so be sure to complete the first quarterly installment of the statewide Cybersecurity Training. This training is designed to help protect state systems and sensitive information by educating state employees on how to identify and avoid IT security risks and threats. All state employees are required to complete the first course by Dec. 31, 2015. 

Note: Employees at the Department of Human Services (CDHS) are exempt from this training. They should continue to follow the specific training being delivered by the CDHS Privacy and Security Officer.

Want to learn more about how to protect yourself or kids online? Visit our Cyber Help page for tips on mobile safety, technology while traveling, phishing and more!

We are Listening to Your Feedback
OIT Customer Survey: We Need Collaborative Guidance

In July, we sent our Customer Survey to 2,000 randomized OIT customers. The results tell us that 53 percent of you were satisfied with OIT’s services and 19 percent were dissatisfied. You indicated that you’d like more collaborative guidance and IT education from our knowledgeable staff. You need timely support so you can perform your work, with simpler processes for getting what you need. Here are some ways we are responding to your needs:
  • Reducing confusing forms and providing improved self-service options on the OIT Customer Service Portal 
  • Improving virtual IT help so you get assistance faster 
  • Maturing our technology update processes, which translates into fewer system outages 
  • Updating our Service Level Commitments to pledge timely support 
We will be sending out another survey in January, but if you have feedback you’d like to communicate to us now, please email oit@state.co.us. We are here to serve you and we want to make your IT experience as positive as possible!