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January 31, 2019

Message from OIT Leadership

New Year, New Opportunities to Work Together!

Dear Customer,

Greetings! As the new CIO and Executive Director at the Governor’s Office of Information Technology, I am amazed at the vast array of technology projects in progress here at the State of Colorado. In the coming months, I look forward to learning more about the individual needs of our agency partners and how we can work together to improve the user experience and accessibility of digital state services. 

Throughout my career, effectively managing information technology has been a common thread. In 2019, OIT will continue to be customer driven and work with you to design and implement smart technology solutions to help you meet your business objectives and deliver on Governor Polis’ vision.

It is an honor to partner with you in your important work. Let’s enjoy the journey.


Theresa Szczurek, Ph.D.
Chief Information Officer &
Executive Director

Google Sets its Sights on New Sites
New Sites is a more modern, user-friendly version of Google Sites that seamlessly integrates with other Google services. With New Google Sites, you can quickly create professional internal or public-facing websites that are responsive across devices, meaning your web pages will look good no matter whether your visitors use a phone, tablet or desktop. Consider building your next website in New Google Sites to take advantage of these new features! 

Still using Classic Google Sites? Support for Classic Sites will continue through 2021. If you currently manage Classic Sites, you may want to consider creating a plan to start migrating all of your agency websites to New Sites to get ahead of the change. 

For more information on conversion, how to use New Sites, and a comparison of Classic Sites versus New Sites features, visit techu.state.co.us/google/sites. Watch for notifications from the OIT Service Desk with information on dates and deadlines for the transition to New Google Sites

Financial Malware Stopped in its Tracks
It’s designed to steal bank logins, financial data or even bitcoin wallets. Emotet is the latest in destructive malware that shows up as a banking trojan program. Most recently it has been delivered in the form of a word document attachment or links inside the body of an email that is disguised as an invoice. Individuals, businesses and state governments - including the State of Colorado - have been attacked. Colorado’s Chief Information Security Officer talked about how serious Emotet is and the damage it could have caused. Check it out!

News about IT Service Desk Notifications
OIT’s Service Desk sends out dozens of service alerts to agency customers across the executive branch every day. Some of the notifications are to inform you of important issues or changes related to your IT service, while others let you know about Google services or cybersecurity trainings that are available. We are excited to share that in just a few weeks, the banners located at the top of our Service Desk emails will receive a fresh new look! We’ve carefully redesigned the banners to help you recognize the content and importance of each notification. Below are just a few examples of the new banners you will start to see in your inbox in the coming weeks.

New “Google News” banner: We’ll use this banner to bring you news about Google trainings or updates in G Suite apps.

Urgent Service Impact: If there’s an outage to report, you’ll see this red banner to indicate that this could have a major impact on your IT service. 

Security Alert: If there’s an important issue related to cybersecurity of which you should be aware, you’ll see this banner. 

Watch for our new look coming to your agency soon!

New Learning Management System for Cybersecurity Awareness Training
Executive branch agencies who receive cybersecurity awareness training through OIT may have noticed that the first quarter 2019 training has not yet been announced. This is because the upcoming training will be offered on OIT’s new learning management system which is slated to launch in April. For those employees at agencies who receive cybersecurity awareness training through OIT, you will soon be taking your training on the Cornerstone OnDemand Learning platform. As we get closer to the launch date, we’ll be sending instructions on how to use the new system, and in April the required quarterly cybersecurity training courses will resume. 

Note: Employees at CDHS, CDOT, and CDPHE do not take their security training through OIT, and should still be receiving it at their regularly scheduled intervals. 

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Did you know? OIT has an office dedicated to helping your agency respond to an audit containing an IT security component. If your department or program is audited, we can help! Email the OIT Security Risk and Compliance Office at oit_risc@state.co.us 

Study Hall Isn’t Just for Kids

Salesforce Study Hall is a free, monthly event open to all state employees. It is held on the last Friday of the month from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. There is no need to RSVP, just drop in at any time and stay for as long as your schedule allows. Study Hall provides the opportunity for one-on-one mentoring and coaching with a member of the Salesforce Colorado Program team.

Want to learn more?

Click here for the Salesforce Colorado website and event calendar