The Project Management Users Group (PMUG) is a strong and cohesive association of project managers from various state agencies. PMUG's mission is to work collaboratively to improve the quality and success of the project management discipline within Colorado state government. The PMUG Charter was issued in June 2010, and it outlines the purpose, membership and governance model. Some of these goals are outlined here:

  • Promote the sharing of project management best practices.

  • Advocate for legislation, state policies, and state rules that support project management best practices.

  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness of project management by providing guidance and recommendations on how the state should govern and management projects.

  • Provide a forum for information exchange.

  • Provide educational opportunities that will enhance project management knowledge across the Colorado state government.

  • Provide Professional Development Units (PDU’s) to certified project managers and provide experience to individuals working towards certification.

Membership Guidelines

PMUG membership is open to any project manager, sponsor, team member, vendor, or contractor working on government projects within Colorado.

PMUG officers and working group chairs must be state of Colorado government employees. PMUG officers reserve the right to conduct closed meetings limited to state employees on an as-needed-basis.

Voting members must be active members of a working group. Working group membership is open to any PMUG member and is not limited to state employees.

Working Groups

The working groups are the heart and soul of PMUG -- where all the collaborative and creative work is done. The working groups make recommendations for strategies, policies, procedures, standards, education, and legislation. The number, focus and make-up of the working groups change based on the objectives of the PMUG group at any given time.

Any PMUG member can join a working group. To remain in a working group members must be active participants, as determined by the working group chair. This participation is the price of a voting membership in the group. If you are interested in the working groups, please email

Joining PMUG 

To join PMUG and subscribe to the listserv follow these simple steps:
  • Click here and type "PMUG" in the search field
  • Select the PMUG group and click the "Apply for Membership" link
To visit the PMUG listserv click hereTo unsubscribe from the PMUG listserv and stop receiving emails from it, send an email to

PMUG Meeting Information

Earn PMI Professional Development Units (PDU)

Working group and committee members may be eligible to earn PDUs in Category E of the PMI Continuing Certification Requirements Program as follows: 

  • 1 PDU is awarded for 1 hour of volunteer (non-compensated) service. 
  • You must serve in the role for a minimum of three months. 

Note: The PDUs earned in this category count against the maximum of 45 PDUs (or, 20 PDUs for PMI-RMP and PMI-SP) allowed for "Giving Back to the Profession" categories (categories D, E and F).

Source: PMI Credential Handbook as revised March 18, 2011

Contact the PMUG Officers

  • Rebecca Louden, 303.205.8318

  • James Weiss, 303.764.7985

  • Michael Nouguier, 303.764.7823

  • Mohamed Malki, 303.764.7627

  • Cefton Springer, 303.318.9296

  • Roger Sulzbach, 303.764.7797

Previous Officers

  • Angela Coffey, 303.981.5269

  • Manish Jani, 303.866.5844